Алперан, Ерджан, Бушра и Селда са доброволци в сдружение „Жажда за живот“-Сливен по проект „Европейска младежка мечта“ на Програма Еразъм+. Проектът се реализира в партньорство с International Youth Activities Center Association, Turkey. Доброволците разказаха за своята Европейска мечта.

Алперен Дивриклиоглу е на 20 години. Студент е по компютърни науки в Истанбул. Той е EVS- доброволец в Сдружение „Жажда за живот“ – Сливен. Активен и интелигентен млад човек е, който обича да пътува. Участва в подготовката и реализирането на младежка викторина в Сливен по повод 12.08.2016 – Международният ден на младежта.

My European dream/Alperen Divriklioglu

Because it was my first year; therefore I was lack of technical knowledge and experience, I had almost no option to do something about my major in summer (at least, I couldn’t find), and I had a strong desire to go to places I’ve never been. However, as all pleasing things do, going abroad has a cost, and unfortunately it is not inexpensive. So, I started looking for cheap ways to reach my goal. My roommate in dormitory told me that there is a programme called „European Voluntary Service“ and he told me about the details of EVS. Programme drew my attention. After I collected information about it from people and internet, I realized that it’s the best thing that I can do this summer. Because, in addition to the great joy of exploring a different part of the world, I was going to be able to do something beneficial both for myself and local people in where I would go to. I applied for various projects that I was interested in. I received a positive response from Thirst For Life Association in Sliven, Bulgaria. After some paperwork, everything was ready.

Now I’m here with three other Turkish volunteers and our task is to organize an event in Sliven to celebrate International Youth Day(12th of August) with locals. Since we’ve started, we’ve talked a lot about what we can do that day. We selected some ideas and as time passed, they’ve matured. In addition to our obligatory work, our mentor Georgi gave us some trainings on presentation skills, CV and cover letter writing. We’ve met with some of his students(He is also a teacher at the high school of economics in the city). He also brought us to the mount Karandila to hike and drink coffee.

During our time here, I’ve noticed many similarities between Turkish and Bulgarian culture. First of all, there are numerous mutual words such as „çorap, torba, çuval, patlıcan, boya, çeşme, kısmet“. There are also many mutual dishes; for instance, „köfte“, „döner“ and „musakka“. I really enjoy encountering with our mutual points every day; but at the same time we(I and the other Turkish volunteers) are trying to learn what’s unique to Bulgaria and show our mentor Georgi and our manager Stefan what’s unique to Turkey. For instance, we invited them to our flat to celebrate Ercan’s(one of the Turkish volunteers here) birthday. We prepared some Turkish food for them to try. Another time, we made Turkish coffee for our mentor Georgi and served it with Turkish delight. We showed them some Turkish dances and taught them some Turkish words.

In my free time, I travelled to different cities such as Burgas, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and Varna to explore the beauties of Bulgaria. Before, I did not know that Bulgaria is such a beautiful country with its long history, forests and beaches. Most Bulgarian people might seem cold at first glance; but they really love having fun, so I think it’s worth to spend time with them to become closer. I went to Tirana and Skopje as well, when I had enough time.

Shortly, this is my best summer holiday until now! EVS allowed me to realize „my European dream“. I met with a lot of new people, I went to places I’ve never been, I had an experience of living in a new society with its all aspects. I feel very lucky to be here.

Бюшра Арапоглу е на 21 години. Студент е по Аудиология (наука за човешкия слух) в Истанбул. Обича да съчетава модерното с традиционното. Участва в изготвянето на оригами за малки деца по повод 12.08.2016 – Международният ден на младежта.

Hi…! I am Busra Nur Arapoglu. I am from Turkey. I worked social project in Tukiye. I  actively participated in youth projects. Within that period I learned European Voluntary sevice  and  my evs adventure  started with Youth  dream project. I was accepted short run evs project in sliven bulgaria. Now my dreams was true: to work voluntary for a ptoject, to go abroad, to kow a new country to discover a new culture. That were unbeliable  getting excited me. Because: simultaneous I would make the dreams come true to be volunteer and to go abroad…  I would join my project in the summer months of 2016 (july- agusth ) I gave a present to private self.  Eventually My project to start’s time come. I believed to come true everything when I step in Bulgaria.

I spent time about 59 days.  To come together and to organize something of emotion was very nice. To know Their culture and to introduce our culture  them was very nice. We cooked food together.. we had nice conversation together. I had a new friends there. We went for a little ride, we visited important places together. We became tourist: that was enjoyable. I made a journey to differenf city every weekend.. I travelled by way of railway and road… I didn’t know Bulgaria but I tried to communicate English.  I tried to make a life  in country where I don’t know anybody. People helped to about everything I don’t know me. I thanked them too… emotion of something to explore was fine.. I became explorer too … We worked every week, we got trainings. At the end of trainings we performed what we learned. I think  that I improved myself here. I can’ t  be countless the things I learned by way of youth dream project. Now our work of 12 agust international youth day is about to finish. Hopefully that day will be as us please and we will succed.. Thus we will celebrate with a project which local people attent.

ThaNks to those who contributed to our project!

Ерджан Куртоглу е на 20 години. Студент е по Електроника и електротехника в Истанбул. Обича да създава нови приятелства и да открива нови култури. Участва в подготовката и реализирането на различни дейности в Сливен по повод 12.08.2016 – Международният ден на младежта.

My name is Ercan Kurtoglu. I`am 20 years old. I´am Turkish. I live in Istanbul with my family. l am a university student in Esenyurt University. My department is Electric and Electronic Engineer.
When I first came here I was very excited.Georgi and Stefan, whom I met here, treated me very well. Together we went to the city center. They gave me information about the city center. Because we were speaking English, Alperen helped us when we had problems.Then we began wandering around the city with my friends. My first impression was that Sliven is small and only a few people live here.

Georgi gave us training in English about presentation skills. It was very beneficial for me. , I couldn’t improve my language skills enough. Having such training made me very happy. Later, I presented my work to my friends and Georgi. Georgi and Stefan threw a welcome party for us. We went to a famous local restaurant where live music was being played. It was a very good evening. Georgi brought us to the café on the mountain in the city. The view was very nice. There, we drank coffee together. We took pictures. We spent very good time. Another time, we went to the ‘’lift’’ on the mountain. The view there was very nice as well. I have never been to such a high place before. Lift didn’t seem very secure but I was very happy that I went there. Because 20th of July is my birthday Georgi and Stefan wanted to celebrate it. it. They had wanted Turkish food from us for the party; therefore we cooked ‘’icli kofte’’, ‘’zeytinyagli dolma’’ and ‘’cerkez tavugu’’ for them. We cleaned the flat. We tried to familiarize George and Stephan with our culture as much as we could. They came to our flat around 19.30, they liked everything, and then we ate cake which Stephan brought. We danced together and also taught them how to dance like a Turkish; we had a great time together.

Thank You For Everything Stefan And George.

Селда Гьокмен е на 20 години. Студент по политически науки и международни отношения в Истанбул. Обича да пътува и опознава нови култури. Участва в изготвянето на оригами за малки деца по повод 12.08.2016 – Международният ден на младежта.


I am bulgarian volunteer Selda. I am very happy to be in here. I met excellent people. My consultants were very helpfull. Where stay there was small city. The city has a few cafe and a small mall. We had a small house. I lived there with other volunteer. We met other volunteer in here. All of us were Turkish. We cooked, travelled, studied etc. We cooked with together to we can’t eat pork. Even we prepped Turkish meal for our consultants. They liked a lot. My consultant Georgi was a teacher. I met his students. And I met a turkish girl in bus. She was name Züleyha. She was Turkish but she live in Bulgaria. I like her so much. She helped us a lot. We went to her country and swiming pool together.Also we met our Bulgarian friend. We went to park and chated, played games.

Otherwise we tarveled other city in weekends. We went to Stara Zagora, Plovdiv,Sofia and Varna. We had fun so much while we travelled. I was a tourist for the first time. This situation was really difficult. We didn’t know Bulgarian. The local People didn’t English or Turkish. Wemostlyusedbodylanguage.

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